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This is the official site of Tom Pellereau. Find out more about the inventor Tom and some of his Projects. Tom would like to thank everyone for their kind Tweets and website messages. He is overwhelmed by your kind and supportive words.

You can follow Tom on Twitter @inventor_tom and on Facebook. Please be aware that all other pages are fake.

Click one of the buttons below to visit my StylFile or StylPro website.


Tom Pellereau Projects

StylfileTom's first invention. Stylfile - The curved file for easy style. Your nails arn't flat, so why are nail files? The Stylfile is a curved file which follows the natural curve of your nails.

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Ethical Goods

Ethical GoodsThic Ethical Goods is a pioneering organisation dedicated to creating mutually beneficial partnerships between companies and relevant charities.

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Mode Diagnostics

Mode DiagnosticsMode Diagnostics is a development phase company preparing a pipeline of user friendly and clinically informative diagnostic products for the Over-The-Counter retail pharmacy market.

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Babisil Babisil create a range of products for babies, including the award winning Bisphenol-A free baby bottle, the Silbottle.

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