Invention – Cycle bottle holder

Bike bottle holders only work for certain size bottles. They are perfect for some bottles, but totally useless for most. This means you have to use, remember, find or clean out your ‘bike’ bottle if you want to drink when you cycle. Which in reality never can. My bike bottle holder is therefore pretty pointless and I end up putting my drink in a ruck sac or pannier and can’t reach it when I want to drink. Very annoying.

Idea: A flexible or adjustable bottle holder able to hold any size bottle.

It could be stretchy like a tube or adjustable in diameter a bit like a cycle helmet. It would need to be strong enough so you could push a bottle in, but I think this is pretty easy to do.

The most important questions are:
– has it been done before?
- would you buy one?
- how much would you pay?



Kitchen Invention – Soft Whisk

Metal whisks grate the side of the mixing bowl making a horrible noise. They can also damage porcelain bowls.

Invention: How about whisk bits with soft plastic or silicone blades.

These flexible blades would be soft against the mixing bowl reducing the noise and grating. Being flexible they may even be easier to clean.

The Soft whisk blades, could have a metal piece down the middle to give them strength. This would also enable them to work with your standard whisk.

The plastic could even come in a range of colours.

What do you recon?
Does the grating noise of whisks annoy you?
Do you have lovely mixing bowls that have been damaged by whisk blades?