Invention – Toddler tissues

Staying with my nieces the following invention popped into my head.

When toddlers have colds it’s miserable. Their little noses stream all day which makes breathing difficult and parents are constantly wiping or smearing snot from their face. Usually ends in screams and tears.

Toddlers can’t hold tissues or blow their own nose. The best they can do is wipe a sleeve across across their face. All this really does is make their face red.

How about special toddler tissue bands which go around their wrist. Sort of like sweat bands made from tissue. The tissue could either stick onto their clothes or hold around the wrist. It could keep their clothes a little cleaner. When the toddler wipes their nose, they would be wiping it with a soft tissue rather than their clothes. The bands could be removed or tear away to leave a fresh new one below. They could even be wet wipes to help sore noses.

Not sure if this is the solution but it’s certainly a problem worth solving.

What do you think? Please let me know below.


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